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Stream Companies is looking for a talented Proofreader!


There. Their. They're. Know the difference? Great – Stream Companies wants you!

We’re looking for a spelling wizard, a grammar hammer, the annoying guy or girl who’s constantly correcting their friends’ language. If you’re that person, you could have a career as our next proofreader.

As a Stream Companies proofreader, you’ll read copy and transcripts and check to make sure there are no spelling, grammatical or typographical errors for the various pieces of marketing that we produce. You’ll proof print work, web copy, TV spots, graphic design, email copy, outdoor, POP, social marketing, and a range of other services.

Our ideal proofreading candidate will have the basic skills required of a proofreader, as well as the ability to quickly understand the different styles and voices of our clients. Mastery of the written word, understanding how a sentence is read and how a sentence is spoken, and proficiency in language and writing style is crucial. Bilingual a plus (English + Spanish).

Attention to detail is A MUST. Teamwork is integral, since you’ll be working with designers, copywriters, web developers, and email marketers, and account directors on a daily basis.