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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is one of the most measurable forms of advertising available to business's today. The problem is, most businesses are literally leaving thousands of dollars on the table because their PPC campaigns are not optimized correctly.

On this FREE webinar replay, Bill Parlaman, Chief Digital Evangelist, shares actionable tips on how to optimize your existing and new PPC campaigns.

Below are just a few of the topics Bill will cover on this eye-opening webinar replay:

  • How to generate more leads and lower your cost per lead from your PPC campaign.
  • The secrets to getting quality prospects to click on your ads at a lower cost.
  • How to increase the percentage of PPC visitors that convert into leads and sales.
  • Why you must measure and optimize your PPC campaigns to improve your PPC ROI.
  • Five little known PPC metrics your current PPC provider does NOT want you to know!