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For dealerships, a healthy mix of both digital and traditional advertising has proven to be the most effective in driving awareness, leads and results. But what if there was a way to combine the impact of traditional advertising with the targeting capabilties of digital marketing? 

For dealers everywhere, your wish has been granted. Facebook now offers direct response selling, or the digital version of direct mail.
In this webinar replay, Amol Waishampayan, Stream Companies' Digital Creative Director, brings to light this original technique for digital direct mail that will help your dealership better connect with potential customers and improve sales.

In this webinar replay, you'll learn:

  • How to target by both POLK data showing specific makes and models, just like how you buy lists on direct mail as well as facebook interests and targeting data.
  • Types of incentives for both service and sales and how they are structured best to perform and improve performance
  • Original research that shows how this can create lift for all of your other marketing and improve its performance.