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Stream's webinar series is designed to help you and your business succeed in advertising, digital marketing, and beyond! We are here to keep you informed on the latest updates, industry news, and strategies from expert thought leaders.

A thorough Q4 audit to properly evaluate goals, results, and return and arm you with insights to construct a sound plan for the coming year is common practice for all marketers. We do it for ourselves and for our clients and now we’re bringing it to you.

We’ve asked the entire Integrated Media VP team that sets the strategies in motion to optimize our client's channels to bring their expertise and experience in planning for clients to our webinar.

Join us as they share all the details, advertiser secrets, insights and step-by-step approach to auditing the full scope of a robust advertising strategy and building a sound plan for 2024!  

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Webinar presented by: 
Subi Ghosh, EVP of Strategic Partnerships - Stream Companies
Drew Diehl, SVP of Digital Marketing - Stream Companies
Amanda Moran, VP of Integrated Media - Stream Companies
Amanda Pyne, VP of Integrated Media - Stream Companies
Gage Hamm, VP of Integrated Media - Stream Companies
Robin Tarleton, VP of Integrated Media - Stream Companies
Sarah West, VP of Integrated Media - Stream Companies