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WARNING: There is a scam nationally using real businesses and their logos to take advantage of employment candidates. We’ve recently become aware that there are scammers using the Stream name, logo, and even signature to convince people they are hiring managers. Here’s a few tips to protect yourself and identify if you are engaging with the right contacts for the official company.

  • If you find a job on a 3rd party site, head to the official company website and look for the careers page. You can apply directly from there. Ours is here: https://www.streamcompanies.com/advertising-agency-careers/
  • Keep an eye out for the domain you receive the initial acceptance of your application. Stream’s will only be fromcareers@streamcompanies.com.
  • If you get ANY emails in your inbox from any companies that you have applied with, please double check to ensure the domain matches. Stream’s again will only be from careers@streamcompanies.com (for the initial correspondence) or a name@streamcompanies.com email address as you move through the interview process.
  • If anyone asks you to fill out a document as part of the interview process and attach it without any security measures or a link to fill out the information on a live site, question it and try to speak to someone on the phone.
  • Don’t accept ANY jobs that offer you a remote position without any phone or video calls. This is not common practice at all especially for mid to large size businesses. Nor is sending a check in advance to purchase your material and asking for money back. If this happens, block the address and apply elsewhere.

 We are hiring actively and our Employee Experience team is very hands on and will communicate with you if you are a fit and will explain the process as they go. They will also always set up phone and video interviews prior to any offer. 

 For those of you scammed over the last few weeks, we are so very sorry for your experience. Let’s spread the word and help people protect themselves. 

 Stay safe out there and best of luck in your job hunting. Hopefully we’ll see some of you as Streamers soon.